What rights do I retain as a journal author?

As a journal author, you retain rights for a large number of author uses, including use by your employing institute or company. These rights are retained and permitted without the need to obtain specific permission from Indones. J. Chem. These include:

· The right to make copies (print or electric) of the journal article for their own personal use, including for their own classroom teaching use;

· The right to make copies and distribute copies (including via e-mail) of the journal article to research colleagues, for personal use by such colleagues (but not for Commercial Purposes);

· The right to post a pre-print version of the journal article on Internet web sites including electronic pre-print servers, and to retain indefinitely such version on such servers or sites;

· The right to post a revised personal version of the text of the final journal article (to reflect changes made in the peer review process) on the author's personal or institutional web site or server, incorporating the complete citation and with a link of the original address;

· The right to present the journal article at a meeting or conference and to distribute copies of such paper or article to the delegates attending the meeting;

· For the author’s employer, if the journal article is a ‘work for hire’, made within the scope of the author’s employment, the right to use all or part of the information in (any version of) the journal article for other intra-company use (e.g. training), including by posting the article on secure, internal corporate intranets;

· Patent and trademark rights and rights to any process or procedure described in the journal article;

· The right to include the journal article, in full or in part, in a thesis or dissertation;

· The right to use the journal article or any part thereof in a printed compilation of works of the author, such as collected writings or lecture notes (subsequent to publication of the article in the journal); and

· The right to prepare other derivative works, to extend the journal article into book-length form, or to otherwise re-use portions or excerpts in other works, with full acknowledgement of its original publication in the journal.


Can I post my article on the Internet?

You can post your version of your journal article on your personal web page or the web site of your institution, provided that you include a link to the journal's home page and include a complete citation for the article.  This means that you can update your version (e.g. the Word or Tex form) to reflect changes made during the peer review process.

Why does Indones. J. Chem. request transfer of copyright?

Indones. J. Chem. wants to ensure that it has the exclusive distribution rights for all media. Copyright transfer eliminates any ambiguity or uncertainty about Indones. J. Chem.'s ability to distribute, sub-license and protect the article from unauthorized copying or alteration.


Why does Indones. J. Chem. believes it needs exclusive rights?

The research community needs certainty with respect to the validity of scientific papers, which is normally obtained through the editing and peer review processes. The scientific record must be clear and unambiguous. Indones. J. Chem. believes that, by obtaining exclusive distribution rights, it will always be clear to researchers that when they access an Indones. J. Chem. site to review a paper, they are reading a final version of the paper which has been edited, peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in an appropriate journal. See also our information on electronic preprints for more detailed discussion on these points.


Can you provide me with a PDF file of my article?

Indones. J. Chem. journal is now offering authors e-offprints – free electronic versions of published articles. E-offprints are watermarked PDF versions, and are usually delivered within 24 hours, much quicker than print copies. These PDFs may not be posted to public websites.


What is Indones. J. Chem.'s policy on plagiarism and conflicts of interest?

While it may not be possible to draft a “code” that applies adequately to all instances and circumstances, Indones. J. Chem. and the journal editors believe it useful to outline our expectations of authors and procedures that the journal will employ in the event of questions concerning author conduct. Procedures and guidelines with respect to such queries and investigations are outlined in the Indones. J. Chem. Position on Journal Publishing Ethics.

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